Pedro's Coffee Roasting Company

fresh, complex and delicious coffee

Pedro’s Coffee Roasting Company, a Rwandan coffee micro-roasting company, started its operations in mid 2011, with intentions of disrupting the local market by offering superior quality and service. PCRC has a strategic partnership with CBC to supply’s the latter’s award-winning specialty coffee from its highly decorated Muyongwe CWS, to the local populace, under the memorable brand name “Pedro’s Coffee”. Therefore, Pedro’s Coffee customers can enjoy the benefits of a cup that is sustainably single sourced!

Although not perhaps as cost effective as some would prefer, PCRC’s ability to cater to each individual needs is something the company prides itself on. Primarily, PCRC regular roasting of small batches ensures its superiorly fresh, complex and delicious coffee cup.

Moreover, PCRC’s free delivering service and product offering of grounded and regular coffee beans at varying roasting degree levels, depending on the customer’s preference, in different bag sizes is just something to commend. These practices hence ensure the brand loyalty that Pedro’s Coffee has been so fortunate enough to maintain over the years.

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