Pedro's Coffee

Pedro's Coffee - Boutique Artisanal Coffee

Pedro’s Coffee embodies the vision & passion of our founder, “Pedro”, who helped build the Rwandan coffee industry into the modern internationally recognized brand it is today. It mirrors his long journey, which began more than 30 years ago with a desire to understand all the complexities of a Rwandan Arabica and unlock its full potential.

Solely grown, produced & selected from our Muyongwe CWS at an altitude of more than 6,500 Ft, this boutique artisanal coffee has consistently been recognized as some of Rwanda’s best, scooping multiple awards and recognitions along the way.

Our coffee is hand-roasted, highly defined & differentiated; we aim to model the wine industry by distinguishing our harvest through our micro-region & single origin exclusivity efforts. Our ownership of the entire value chain of Pedro’s Coffee makes this a reality!

Unlike most, we have invested the necessary effort and resources to ensure impeccable quality in all aspects of Pedro’s Coffee; from the harvest, to the cup selection & roasting and even the packaging. We don’t want our customers to simply consume our coffee, but to experience it as altogether!

“Effervescent citrus flavor profile with high complexity and great elderflower sweetness!”