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Item Cup Grade Screen Size Defects
Grade 1 73-80 15+ Max 23 / 350g
Grade 2 60-70 14 Max 30 / 350g
TRIAGE SW Below 60 12 50-80 / 350g

Semi-Washed Green Coffee (Ordinary) is

Processed through the “Wet-Hulled” process, the outer skin is removed but the mucilage/pulp remains on the parchment and is sun dried. Once the drying is complete, often the pulp is wet and the bean is easily removed.

Fully Washed Green Coffee

Similar to the semi-washed coffee, the outer skin is removed, however, the mucilage is then fermented in water for about a day, from which the bean is then washed from the mucilage.

Item Cup Grade Screen Size Defects Comment
MUYONGWE SUPER SPECIALTY 90 17-18 Max 5 / 350g
  • Exquisite citrus flavor profile with high complexity.
  • Mainly offered at CoE Competitions
SPECIALTY 83-88 15+ Max 8 / 350g
  • Juicy and fruity with great acidity-body balance and impeccable uniformity
TRIAGE FW 70-79 15+ 9-23 / 350g
  • N/A

Service Offering

Husking & Dry Milling

CBC offers micro & mass husking and dry milling services, at a fee, to local exporters & retailers who do not have such capabilities.

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